How Business Blogging Sets Your Company Apart

Ilene Rosenthal

When we started White Space Marketing Group, we weren't focused on buzz words like inbound marketing. But, after years of working with large corporations, where moving brand performance was challenging and complex, we were moved by the use of metrics to guide marketing decision-making.

What does this have to do with business blogging? 

As you wrap up plans for 2016, with the newest bright and shiny marketing approach competing for your attention, you may be inclined to question blogging -- especially when it's not a new idea, and the results aren't instant.

You should question the results of every marketing tactic -- with a metrics-driven philosophy, so do we! But the impact of blogging is well established, and we wanted to share the latest data to illustrate why we continue to be fans.

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Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising A Shortcut to Inbound Marketing Results?

Ilene Rosenthal

I recently dug out a bookmarked New York Times article from a few years back: Small Players Seek an Alternative to the Expense of Pay-Per-Click

The article profiles a few business owners who learn an expensive lesson. While early PPC (pay-per-click) results can be seductive, this initial success is often followed by diminishing returns. In the hunt for other avenues to qualified lead generation, the authors find inbound marketing, a path to generating more leads at a lower cost.

Fast forward to 2015. Today, twice as many growing businesses are using inbound marketing as when this article was written. Driving inbound marketing traffic to your website - driving unpaid traffic - is practically a mainstream philosophy. 

In the early days of White Space Marketing Group, we drank that Kool-Aid, too -- but today, I have a slightly contrarian view to share. 

We've found that paid ads - carefully tested and measured - can augment your inbound programs with efficient lead conversion. Here's how.

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3 More Factors That Can Make or Break Your Marketing ROI Timeline

Ilene Rosenthal

The essence of marketing ROI can be expressed in one word: PATIENCE. 

The typical delay between beginning a new marketing program and seeing those investments pay off can be 12 months or more. 

While the exact timeline varies for every business, the time lag is usually caused by one of three key factors: sales cycle length, building the marketing foundation, or budget.

Last week, we made suggestions about how to manage these three elements to get faster results.  

Today we'll look at 3 marketing tactics that also have a dramatic impact on your ROI timeline, and offer tips to accelerate results.

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3 Factors That Can Make or Break Your Marketing ROI Timeline

Ilene Rosenthal

Marketing ROI isn’t a myth like some kind of marketing unicorn – but business owners and marketers can set themselves up to know what to expect.

Otherwise, waiting for marketing to pay off can be a recipe for frustration.

Many factors impact speed to business results. Some factors are in our control, others aren't. 

Here's a look at the most significant variables that impact your marketing ROI timeline, with a few suggestions to get results faster.

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How Long Will It Take For Your Marketing Program To Pay Out?

Ilene Rosenthal

Once you begin a new marketing program, it can be hard to remain patient while waiting for results. You may be wondering how long it will take to see an ROI.

It’s a fair question. How long? As in most things, it depends.

Great results are possible, but there can be a gap in timing between reality and expectations.

To set realistic expectations, let’s look at a few industry benchmarks related to the time it takes to see marketing results.

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Why Salespeople Hate CRM Systems

Ilene Rosenthal

In today’s State of Inbound report published by HubSpot, an overwhelming 45% of study participants cited either “manual data entry” in CRM systems or “lack of [CRM] integration with other tools” as the top two challenges for salespeople today.

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Two Golden Rules to Live By for Golden Marketing Results

Ilene Rosenthal

Two quotes caught my eye recently. They were riffs on the classic "golden rule," and they got a lot of attention and social media love at the INBOUND15 digital marketing conference earlier in September.

Let’s deconstruct this inbound-y, folksy wisdom, and see how it applies to growing your business.

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Marketing Decisions: Why Companies Stall At Investing in Marketing

Ilene Rosenthal

Committing to a new marketing investment can be tough. There are two questions we are often asked:

     "What will it take to make growth happen?"

And right on the heels of that first question:

     "Will it work?"

The decision also comes with uncertainty about how much to spend.  Invest too much, and it hurts the bottom line. Invest too little, and the lead pipeline shrinks. So CEOs everywhere ask these questions, and rightfully so.

It helps to have a process for making marketing investment decisions. We use a strategic perspective to set marketing budgets, and a marketing metrics framework to build confidence in the outcome.

Hopefully, this process will help you to get moving. 

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6 Ways to Make Tough Marketing Decisions With Confidence

Ilene Rosenthal

Fall isn't here officially, but you can already feel it in the air. Mother Nature, right on schedule! Changing leaves, sweaters and pumpkin lattes can't be far behind.

Marketing follows a calendar too. We turn the page to September, and thoughts turn to 4th quarter plans: fall/winter trade shows, holiday promotions if you are an ecommerce business, and 2016 planning for all.

But deciding which new opportunities to invest in, and which programs to replace, often comes down to tough choices. And, when it comes to the big decisions, it's easy to get stuck.

At the HubSpot INBOUND marketing conference, marketing thought leader Seth Godin offered some helpful tips to help you move forward boldly, and with confidence.

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Jumpstart 2016 Marketing Results With Inbound Marketing

Ilene Rosenthal

This week, over 14,000 business people have converged on Boston for the mother of all digital marketing conferences.  

I attended in 2012, 2013, and 2014 ... and this year, Bari and I are excited to be back.

Here's why I attend  INBOUND every year ...

and if you run a growing business, here's why you should pay attention to Inbound Marketing, too.

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