How To Create Marketing Impact: Lessons From The Ice Cream Aisle

Ilene Rosenthal

I can still hear the sound of the voice-over announcer, declaring, "Breyers only has milk, cream, sugar and real vanilla beans," ... 

Newcomers were nipping at the heels of this market leader, thanks to new technology that allowed land-shipping over the Rockies without cartons of ice cream exploding from air pressure, 

Fast forward 20 years: All Natural Breyers Vanilla ice cream still maintains its shelf space, despite fierce competition. 

As I enjoy yet another sweet scoop, I can't help but reflect on those long hours at Y&R developing the brand strategy and market position that endures to this day.

What are the lessons for growth-oriented companies without mega-budgets? What's the best way to differentiate your business from competition?

Here are a few lessons from the ice cream aisle.

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Brand Visibility: What SMB's Can Learn From Lilly Pulitzer

Ilene Rosenthal

With the death of Lilly Pulitzer at 81, we are reminded of the unique branding phenomenon that was Lilly.

Even though her business success pre-dates our own digital media frenzy by several decades, her story reveals the elements of brand-building that promise longevity, flexibility and just the right amount of creative tension.

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