6 Essential Traits Of The Best Lead Generation Websites

Ilene Rosenthal

website improvement: why redesign your website?Does your website earn its keep? Is it working for you, in terms of attracting new customers and growing sales?

When it comes to planning a business website upgrade, it can be overwhelming. How to distinguish which traits are nice to have, and which are essential?

There are many options, when upgrading from a "first generation" website that just sits there, to creating a truly effective sales tool.

Read on to learn what the best lead generation websites have in common, and how your website can start to earn it's keep.

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Two Golden Rules to Live By for Golden Marketing Results

Ilene Rosenthal

Two quotes caught my eye recently. They were riffs on the classic "golden rule."

Let’s deconstruct this inbound-y, folksy wisdom, and see how it applies to growing your business.

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To Get More Leads, Simplify The Customer Buying Process

Ilene Rosenthal

If you've ever stood in a supermarket aisle and stared at your options in any category - unscented, natural, with baking powder, for sports, for women, green - you know you're not alone as you look toward the heavens and pray:  "Make this simpler, please!"  

It's a key truth that we marketers often forget: Consumers are praying for simplicity; decision-making regarding products and services is often so complex it can actually get in the way of life!

Companies that simplify the decision process for their prospects have a real opportunity to impact sales. 

Am I exaggerating? Let's see what the numbers say.

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Targeted Content: A Better Way to Spend Biz Dev Dollars

Ilene Rosenthal

My beloved New York Times left me bereft recently. I peeled away all the sections, looking for the meaty magazine and there it was, bigger and juicier than usual! 

What could they possibly be writing about that didn't show up in digital format over the course of the day?

The answer was a 92-page insert of attorneys in our local area nestled inside 52 pages of journalism. Ninety-two pages of small-print listings and large photos of people in suits. Sigh ...

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Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising A Shortcut to Inbound Marketing Results?

Ilene Rosenthal

I recently dug out a bookmarked New York Times article from several years back: Small Players Seek an Alternative to the Expense of Pay-Per-Click

The article profiles a few business owners who learn an expensive lesson. While early PPC (pay-per-click) results can be seductive, this initial success is often followed by diminishing returns. In the hunt for other avenues to qualified lead generation, the authors find inbound marketing, a path to generating more leads at a lower cost.

Today, twice as many growing businesses are using inbound marketing as when this article was written. Driving inbound marketing traffic to your website - driving unpaid traffic - is practically a mainstream philosophy. 

In the early days of White Space Marketing Group, we drank that Kool-Aid, too -- but today, I have a slightly contrarian view to share. 

We've found that paid ads - carefully tested and measured - can augment your inbound programs with efficient lead conversion. Here's how.

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Jumpstart 2016 Marketing Results With Inbound Marketing

Ilene Rosenthal

This week, over 14,000 business people have converged on Boston for the mother of all digital marketing conferences.  

I attended in 2012, 2013, and 2014 ... and this year, Bari and I are excited to be back.

Here's why I attend  INBOUND every year ...

and if you run a growing business, here's why you should pay attention to Inbound Marketing, too.

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