Creating Buyer Personas: Tips for Aiming Smaller and Smarter

Ilene Rosenthal

You can’t boil the ocean.

We say this a lot in marketing. With only so much time, energy, and resources, you’re lucky to boil even a bucketful at a time. This is particularly true when it comes to attracting a base of customers for your product. Short of running a Superbowl commercial—which you probably can’t afford—you’re not going to reach everyone. Better to aim smaller and smarter.

That’s where buyer personas come in.

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Lead Scoring: Breaking Down The Sales/Marketing Disconnect, Part 1

Ilene Rosenthal

Cold calling and other outbound marketing techniques are solid marketing strategies, but they can’t stand alone. Combining inbound efforts with outbound conversations and lead follow-up is the most effective way to grow your business. The tricky part is generating a sufficient volume of quality leads.

But, even more problematic is understanding what truly constitutes a “quality lead” — a conceptual dichotomy that increasingly prevails between marketing and sales teams.

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To Get More Leads, Simplify The Customer Buying Process

Ilene Rosenthal

If you've ever stood in a supermarket aisle and stared at your options in any category - unscented, natural, with baking powder, for sports, for women, green - you know you're not alone as you look toward the heavens and pray:  "Make this simpler, please!"  

It's a key truth that we marketers often forget: Consumers are praying for simplicity; decision-making regarding products and services is often so complex it can actually get in the way of life!

Companies that simplify the decision process for their prospects have a real opportunity to impact sales. 

Am I exaggerating? Let's see what the numbers say.

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Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising A Shortcut to Inbound Marketing Results?

Ilene Rosenthal

I recently dug out a bookmarked New York Times article from several years back: Small Players Seek an Alternative to the Expense of Pay-Per-Click

The article profiles a few business owners who learn an expensive lesson. While early PPC (pay-per-click) results can be seductive, this initial success is often followed by diminishing returns. In the hunt for other avenues to qualified lead generation, the authors find inbound marketing, a path to generating more leads at a lower cost.

Today, twice as many growing businesses are using inbound marketing as when this article was written. Driving inbound marketing traffic to your website - driving unpaid traffic - is practically a mainstream philosophy. 

In the early days of White Space Marketing Group, we drank that Kool-Aid, too -- but today, I have a slightly contrarian view to share. 

We've found that paid ads - carefully tested and measured - can augment your inbound programs with efficient lead conversion. Here's how.

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