Lead Scoring: Breaking Down The Sales/Marketing Disconnect, Part 1

Ilene Rosenthal

Cold calling and other outbound marketing techniques are solid marketing strategies, but they can’t stand alone. Combining inbound efforts with outbound conversations and lead follow-up is the most effective way to grow your business. The tricky part is generating a sufficient volume of quality leads.

But, even more problematic is understanding what truly constitutes a “quality lead” — a conceptual dichotomy that increasingly prevails between marketing and sales teams.

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6 Ways to Make Tough Marketing Decisions With Confidence

Ilene Rosenthal

Fall is here with the changing leaves, sweaters, and pumpkin lattes. 

Marketing follows a calendar too. We turn the page to November, and thoughts to wrapping up 4th quarter plans: holiday promotions if you are an ecommerce business and 2018 planning for all.

But deciding which new opportunities to invest in, and which programs to replace, often comes down to tough choices. And, when it comes to the big decisions, it's easy to get stuck.

Here are some helpful tips from marketing thought leader Seth Godin to help you move forward boldly, and with confidence.

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Marketing Decisions: Why Companies Stall At Investing In Marketing

Ilene Rosenthal

Committing to a new marketing investment can be tough. There are two questions we are often asked:

     "What will it take to make growth happen?"

And right on the heels of that first question:

     "Will it work?"

The decision also comes with uncertainty about how much to spend. Invest too much, and it hurts the bottom line. Invest too little, and the lead pipeline shrinks. So CEOs everywhere ask these questions, and rightfully so.

It helps to have a process for making marketing investment decisions. We use a strategic perspective to set marketing budgets, and a marketing metrics framework to build confidence in the outcome.

Hopefully, this process will help you to get moving. 

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How To Create Marketing Impact: Lessons From The Ice Cream Aisle

Ilene Rosenthal

I can still hear the sound of the voice-over announcer, declaring, "Breyers only has milk, cream, sugar and real vanilla beans," ... 

Newcomers were nipping at the heels of this market leader, thanks to new technology that allowed land-shipping over the Rockies without cartons of ice cream exploding from air pressure, 

Fast forward 20 years: All Natural Breyers Vanilla ice cream still maintains its shelf space, despite fierce competition. 

As I enjoy yet another sweet scoop, I can't help but reflect on those long hours at Y&R developing the brand strategy and market position that endures to this day.

What are the lessons for growth-oriented companies without mega-budgets? What's the best way to differentiate your business from competition?

Here are a few lessons from the ice cream aisle.

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Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising A Shortcut to Inbound Marketing Results?

Ilene Rosenthal

I recently dug out a bookmarked New York Times article from several years back: Small Players Seek an Alternative to the Expense of Pay-Per-Click

The article profiles a few business owners who learn an expensive lesson. While early PPC (pay-per-click) results can be seductive, this initial success is often followed by diminishing returns. In the hunt for other avenues to qualified lead generation, the authors find inbound marketing, a path to generating more leads at a lower cost.

Today, twice as many growing businesses are using inbound marketing as when this article was written. Driving inbound marketing traffic to your website - driving unpaid traffic - is practically a mainstream philosophy. 

In the early days of White Space Marketing Group, we drank that Kool-Aid, too -- but today, I have a slightly contrarian view to share. 

We've found that paid ads - carefully tested and measured - can augment your inbound programs with efficient lead conversion. Here's how.

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Social Listening: A Smart Marketing Strategy That Pays

Ilene Rosenthal

social_listeningWhen the conversation turns to social media, it helps to ask: Why? For whom? To what end? What is its role in the mix?

There are many ways to use the power of social networks for business. Today, we want to focus on an underused but very powerful strategy: social listening.

Listening for online consumer insights is a very powerful social media marketing strategy that can have a positive impact on your company's bottom line.

Here's how:

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