For MCFS, digital marketing increases new patient referrals, revenue, and hope.

The Medical Center for Female Sexuality offers treatment for female sexual dysfunction, an area of great patient interest and inquiry.

MCFS needed a better way to connect with potential patients online. And, clinicians and support staff needed to focus time on delivering patient care, not marketing. White Space was engaged to raise awareness of MCFS services, and shorten the timeline from first Web page visit to calling for an appointment.

We designed a digital strategy to satisfy the prospect's need for information. Highly sensitive and personal issues have particular momentum in the privacy of one's search engine, so we created an online experience to educate, build confidence and generate that first critical phone call.

Our marketing program increased the flow of new patients, and all key metrics -- from web traffic to appointment scheduling to revenues -- grew dramatically.


Components of this project:

  • Improved and SEO-optimized healthcare website 
  • Implemented inbound marketing campaigns to prospective patients including content, email marketing, lead nurturing
  • Content Marketing: blogs, website content, newsletter, public relations and outreach
  • Implemented social media strategy, programming and scheduling
  • Integrated customer relationship management tools, database management tools, and analytics


Key Results

Lead Database

Increased +127%
Revenues Grew


For a healthcare business, the Web is a natural way to connect with prospective patients. The challenge for MCFS was to empower potential patients with access to information, and replace potential feelings of embarrassment with trust in the MCFS brand, to spur that first call.

A close analysis of MCFS's web presence showed some missed opportunities. The practice was spending too much on paid search, and was not fully leveraging the Web as a source of traffic, leads and connection. 

Key Challenges:

  1. Website did not give the prospective patient easy access to needed information and educational resources, or overcome reservations about seeking help

  2. Pipeline of qualified leads was insufficient and costly, with an over-dependence on paid search for traffic

  3. The brand's outstanding clinicians, caring in-office experience, and hopeful message was not coming through.


We created a complete internet marketing strategy for MCFS, to improve their online visibility and attract new patients. By focusing on patient education during the critical first phase of online buyer research, and building visibility and trust, site traffic and lead conversion improved.  

Here’s what their marketing program looked like:

  1. Website Optimization - A Web site update improved content and navigation, enabling site visitors to find information more easily and introduce the people behind the practice. A buyer-focused keyword strategy, search engine optimization, content and social media resulted in a 35% increase in web traffic. Search rankings improved, helping to replace paid visits with natural search traffic.

  2. Content Marketing - Active blogging and other relevant content was used to educate prospective patients. Videos further humanized the clinicians behind MCFS, engaged site visitors, and built trust in their approach. Now less self-concious and confident that MCFS could help, twice as many prospective patients became leads and appointment bookings increased. 

  3. Social Media - Social media was use to promote clinician thought leadership, and engage healthcare influencers on social media platforms. This boosted visibility, sustained online buzz, drove web traffic, and led to new public relations opportunities and increased out of town interest.




After partnering with White Space, the medical center saw a steady increase in web traffic and prospective patient inquiries. Conversion of leads to new patient appointments increased, growing practice revenues +24%.

Key metrics:

  1. Web site traffic grew +35%, time spent on site grew +27%, and page views grew +39%
  2. The lead database doubled in size, and total lead-to-appointment conversions grew +127%
  3. Paid traffic declined as a percent of total visits, reducing marketing cost per new patient and freeing up budget for new initiatives
  4. Medical practice revenues increased +24% 
Person TBD of MCFS

Why Clients Choose Us:

When it comes to sensitive, high-interest topics, site visitors want information, and now. But they also need assurances that their issues will be met with a caring and confident person who will pose solutions.
Blogging and social media momentum fuels the Center; it has opened new locations, has received valuable press, and continues to pursue happy outcomes for its patients and their relationships.

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