The INA creates a more engaged member experience.

Through our work with HomeWork Solutions, Inc., a tax preparation company dedicated to helping domestic employees and their employers hire and pay nannies and eldercare workers legally, White Space was introduced to the INA, an umbrella association for the in-home child care industry.

Their immediate need was to increase registration to its annual conference. Longer term, the INA sought to improve its member experience by providing information, education and guidance to the public and industry professionals.

White Space developed a 24-month marketing plan, and identified tactical opportunities to increase member engagement within budget. With new ways to serve existing members as well as potential members, the association continues to make steady progress towards its goals.

Components of this project:

  • Website Redesign and SEO Optimization
  • Social Media Strategy and Programming
  • Inbound Marketing Campaigns to Targeted Markets
  • Robust PPC Program
  • Content Marketing



Key Results

Smart Planning
24-month tactical marketing plan
Member Content Library
increases engagement
Design Upgrade
builds member interaction & brand


Walking the common ground between domestic employee and employer, INA sought to articulate a 12-24 month plan for outreach, engagement, and advocacy.

As a not-for-profit with three core constituencies, the INA needed to jump start member acquisition while looking forward at a long term engagement program. To start, the INA created relevant and meaningful content to help their constituents pursue personal and professional goals, knowing that INA was there for information, services and support.


  1. Increasingly fragmented sector with new online competitors diluting the profitability of its traditional customer base
  2. Outdated website and marketing materials
  3. No in-place engagement tools to sustain existing membership or generate newcomers
  4. Working with a constrained budget and limited staffing


White Space developed a 24-month plan that laid out strategy, audience messaging, inbound content engagment and recommended workflows, to deliver an exceptional member experience

  1. Design - A design template was created for use in the development of premium content and branding

  2. Content -  White Space wrote and designed three ebooks for use in inbound programming, the start of a content library that could eventually be built to engage all three audiences

  3. 24-month inbound plan - White Space worked with existing CRM and donation infrastructure to set up inbound paths and communication requirements


In this case, our goal was to help the INA upgrade an outdated set of tools and provide the digital insights and platform to deliver an exceptional member experience.

Reports of increased engagement resulting from this initiative shows that they are on the right track. Conference conversations, interactions on the website or social media visibility ... all have benefited. Ultimately, downstream revenues will result from a growing and more engaged membership.

Just as important, an organization with limited resources now has the tools to continue momentum, and progress towards their goals.

Click on the cover of each ebook to take a look at the full asset:

INA_Handbook  INA_MarketingToolkit  INA_ExitStrategy 

Not for Profit Marketing

"Ilene was an invaluable resource to the International Nanny Association, helping the Board of Directors brainstorm initiatives for our business members. The INA engaged Ilene again for a follow up project developing resources (guides, white papers) for our business members. Ilene and her team were creative, focused, and delivered the project on time. Most importantly, these resources have been well received by our members."

Kathleen Webb
HomeWork Solutions, Inc.

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