Attracting the right buyers to your site requires a buyer's mindset. It’s about understanding your current and future customers world and problems, and not about you.

We call it "Content that gives."

White Space works with mid-market companies to uncover insights that drive engagement.  “Content that gives” gives back: creating content that anticipates what searchers want makes searchers happy they found you.

Happy searchers, happy Google, happy you.

Together we build content around topics your prospects and customers care about. That is, in fact, how they find you in the first place. 

  • Messaging that solves problems and addresses pain points is content that will get read.  Coming out of a Whiteboard Consultation  and strategy workshop, we frame content around a business-building topics.

  • Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come. Social media is the big box store for your content; it's a turbo search engine that distributes your meaningful content where it counts.  It's how prospects are driven to your website, even if they've never heard of you. 

  • Be honest: let us speak to those who spend the most time with your customers. What keeps them up at night? How can you help them with your wisdom, experience, case studies, podcasts, guidebooks?

  • Identify the subject matter experts at your company who generate the raw content so we can build it into a consumable asset.

  • Your business calendar will drive relevance. Your prospects and customers have their own fiscal year, and your content needs to align with it.  

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Meaningful and relevant content is an investment that pays lasting dividends.

Lou Geser, 
Chief Financial Partner,
White Space Marketing Group

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