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White Space Marketing Group is packed with smart, dedicated people who care deeply about our clients' businesses
- but also perform best when the rest of life is working well too. 

Positions Available

Writers, Journalists: Travel, Pharma, Healthcare

White Space Marketing seeks several writers with experience in pharmaceuticals, hospitals/health systems, and travel. B2B experience in the SMB space a plus.

We are tending to a robust and hungry blog beast for several clients. For one client, with multiple verticals within, we're publishing up to 16 blogs/month. Most are original, insight focused content; some are promotional, interview round-ups, summaries of video content, or conference outreach.

THis is a freelance position, however, after a time if all the stars align we're open to full time employment status. We offer 100% health benefit coverage and a flexible - but demanding - work environment.

Samples required, of course. Your own engagement in social media appreciated.

About Us

We are a nimble team, serving the mid-market in B2B and B2C. We run from our home offices, meeting regularly, digitally, as a team; occasionally in person when necessary. Clients operate remotely most of the time. We are all dedicated to White Space, are amply rewarded, don't look at our watches, but always make time for ourselves and families. (But we do work a lot because we like it). 

We love career relaunchers with deep work experience.

What's next

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- If we think there's a fit, we'll set up a phone interview for you with two primary principals
- Follow up may be in person or via video conference

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