Your company is in growth mode, time and resources are in short supply. Your marketing focus should bolster sales, without wasted efforts.

Discovery: Find out what you really need.

We dig deeper to refine what we learned in the Whiteboard Consultation:

  • Identify sales activity that is directly attributed to existing marketing programs
  • Evaluate how many real customers arrived at your doorstep through your website; social media, direct sales. Determine the most cost effective channels and optimize them for your business
  • Set growth goals and programs to achieve them: how many new customers would it take to support a $100K marketing program? What is the conversion rate of website visitors to customers? Is it high enough to support your marketing budget?
  • Know your stakeholders: understand how your customers found you and what convinced them to work with you

Insight: Outthink, don’t outspend, your competition.

We work closely with your company’s marketing lead to identify the gaps:

  • Conduct a strategy workshop that engages company stakeholders and drives customer-centric solutions.
  • Clarify primary customer profile and personas
  • Refine your value proposition and messaging for core prospects
  • What are your unique distinguishers (and do your core prospects care?)

Analysis: Measure what works, stop wasting resources.

We make sure your money is well spent:

  • Align specific marketing strategies and tactics with revenue goals.
  • Establish benchmarks and metrics for assessing the impact of your marketing programs
  • Organize resource needs and timetable.

Let's Talk Marketing Strategy


For mid-market companies, it's not realistic to do everything. Uncover your best opportunities, where your marketing spend can have the most urgent impact on your business.

Ilene Rosenthal,
Chief Marketing Partner,
WhiteSpace Marketing Group

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