DMD Marketing Corp

Building a digital brand doubles website leads,
and drives growth

What we did

  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Inbound marketing implementation
  • Website redesign and SEO
  • Print and Digital Advertising Campaign
  • Social media strategy and programming
  • Content development and deployment
  • Outbound email marketing
  • PPC Ad campaign planning and implementation
  • Content marketing: blog content, premium content, newsletters</li

DMD's digital focus drives sales growth.

DMD Marketing Corp is a leader in precision email targeting to healthcare professionals. A core partner with global pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical marketing agencies, hospital systems, HCP recruiters, and CME providers, DMD consults with healthcare marketers across channels using email as an ROI driver.

DMD recognized the need for a strong digital presence and lead generation system to support aggressive business goals and market demand.

Supported by a superior database, and sales and support staff with deep industry experience, a soup-to-nuts inbound marketing machine boosted brand reach, lead generation, and sales force productivity.

The Situation

DMD had carved out a unique postion among competitors in the “spray and pray” healtcare email marketing sector, but CEO Roger Korman knew it was time to reexamine his company’s traditional sales and marketing approache. Digital technology offered a better way to reach customers and prospects in pharma, hospital systems, recruitment and CME.

When White Space Marketing Group asked the question,”Why DMD?” the company rallied around the call for self reflection, focus and business-goals. They knew it was time for a better way to tell the brand story, and improved digital visibility to reach aggressive sales and revenue goals.

Key Challenges

  • Outdated website did not define the company in the digital space
  • The website did not provide content critical to HCP marketing decision-makers
  • Brand identity across website, social media, email, newsletters and collateral content was a mish-mash of legacy elements
  • Business goals were aggressive but lead generation programs were out of date
  • Long term strategic vision was not supported by brand assets or marketing activity

The Solution

Our main objective was to help the owner with lead generation through inbound marketing strategies. We began with a recommendation to update the site and install inbound marketing tools to generate leads.

Refreshed Brand Value Proposition

Established as the benchmark against which all marketing was developed: “DMD. The Human Face of Digital Intelligence

Launched an Inbound Marketing Website

Fueled with original content, customer and prospect engagement assets (ebooks), new blog content each week, on-page optimization all supported with a refreshed brand identity

Social Media Upgrades

Focused on engaging specific audiences – program currently converting to new leads at nearly 7%

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

White Space Marketing Group defined the consumer and commercial groups that DMD wanted to engage, and designed an inbound strategy to build awareness and reach

The Results

Even when the wish is as broad as visibility, clear goals and sharp tactics deliver.

Our engagement began 2 years ago with a 30 minute Whiteboard consultation, and follow-up strategy workshop with the Executive team and core Sales personnel. The marketing partnership that was forged in that initial set of meetings, supported by the CEO’s vision and unwavering team commitment, led to dramatically improved results:

126% increase

in web traffic

Better Branding

Express DMD's competitive edge

33% Increase

in yearly revenue

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