This mutual investment yields a productive, collaborative working relationship,
and measurable marketing results. 

We work with clients to craft a detailed scope of work so fees can be managed according to expectations and perceived value. We partner with clients on a 12-month retainer basis so we can become true partners, track results, and recommend improvements over time.


These are the most-often selected pricing and service offerings:

Assessment & Recommendation

$3,500 - $7500

Start smart
Build a solid, strategic gameplan before implementing "stuff." 

Typically includes:
Developing a marketing strategy and tactical plan that aligns with your business and sales goals. 

Ideal for:
Mid-market companies looking to define the need and scope for marketing

Planning & Implementation

$7500 - $12,000/ month 

You have a plan 
But you need help moving it to action, implementation, results.

Typically includes:
Content development, SEO, social media programming and publishing, pay-per-click advertising, website management 

Ideal for:
Mid-market companies focused on synchronizing marketing activity with sales objectives. 

Full Service

$18,000 +/ month

Share the vision
Leave the work to White Space.

Typically includes
Outsourced marketing functions, from strategy to planning to implementation

Ideal for:
Larger businesses with a dedicated in-house marketing manager; or mid-market companies looking to outsource the marketing function. 

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We were skeptical at first. We'd been down the road of expensive marketing services that kept us wondering: where's the growth.  But White Space handled us gently, shifted the rudder in the right direction, and we've seen revenue growth increase 20% since we began working with them. We sincerely now consider White Space Marketing Group a true extension of our company."

Jim Hewitt
Conservatory Craftsmen, Inc.

Common Questions

How does White Space connect marketing with business results?

We start with you.  We discuss your business objectives and recommend marketing tactics that drive particular results. There will be time for 'brand building' once your leads begin to yield results. While the team has plenty of experience with large corporations and branding, we are looking to fund future marketing with this year's sales.

What about paid advertising?

It's true that for some of us, advertising was a first love. But for now, we will suggest that you spend your hard earned cash on a website that attracts Google and internet searchers, that engages site visitors with your distinctive view on your category and industry, and on technology that optimizes how people shop for products and services today.

We do often manage pay-per-click advertising budgets in order to get quantitative data on search keywords so your content does the hard work of attracting visitors to your site.

And, if you want to advertise on the Super Bowl, we'll do that too. 

Can you work with our company if we already have a website?

We do this all the time. We will perform an assessment on your site to make sure it's aligned with your business goals.  And we install keywords, meta tags and descriptions and engagement pages to help connect with your prospects and customers in a meaningful way.

Does White Space work a la carte on individual projects?

We typically commit to client relationships that have a long view toward making marketing work hard against business goals.  As such, it's difficult to create an impact without a strategic roadmap and tangible plans. This is why our clients engage us on an annual retainer basis; they get the most out of White Space that way.  We will engage in strategic planning on a project basis. A warning: this nearly always results in a long term engagement with White Space.

I have more questions…

We’d love to answer them. Contact us.