We love social media for lots of reasons -- it's a great opportunity to listen to and engage with potential customers, to be helpful, even improve search rankings -- but mainly, we love social media because it drives people to your website. 

It’s time to think of social media differently. 

Still counting numbers of followers, likes or shares?  We count those things too, of course. But what do those metrics really mean for your business?

Here's our take on the meaning of social media to a business:  it operates like a search engine for your company.  

The social networks touch a targeted and relevant community of searchers with your helpful and meaningful content -- and the more widely your content is distributed through the social networks, the more likely search engines will find your content when people search.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing will match searchers with your site and content. As a result of social signals, search engines happily find and display your content because it's built to answer questions your best prospects have.

What does a successful social media initiative look like?

Fortunately, web activities are traceable, so there are plenty of ways to measure social media results and it's impact to your bottom line. Here’s how:

  • Start with a content strategy: What are your prospective buyers' questions and concerns? 
  • Create high-value, meaningful content with these buyer needs in mind.
  • Add the right conversation starters on social networks, with links to more on your site
  • If it's really meaningful to your target, social sharing will kick in.
  • You can measure the impact of your social activity on site traffic
  • Connect traffic from social channels with conversion to leads and sales.

Social Media Case 

Here's an example from one White Space client in the first year of inbound and social activity. This social media program was fueled as follows: 

  • Publish 2 new blog articles each week based on original and curated content
  • Share across 4 relevant social media networks for over 200 social messages/posts each month
  • Track impact of social media publishing on traffic
  • Track social traffic-to-lead conversion
  • Identify strongest topics based on traffic and lead results

As you can see, social media ran a distant third to Organic and Paid Search in generating traffic, but its power to convert traffic to leads made it the most efficient lead generating tool in the toolbox.  


Stop counting likes, and flying blind. Start measuring results.

Once you do, social media stops feeling like something your nephew can do during school breaks, and becomes something you will commit to as a core element in your marketing program. 

Still wondering how to use social media for your business? Which platforms, how much to spend, how to manage and measure it?

Contact us for a free Whiteboard Consultation – we’ll answer your questions, look at what you’re doing, and help to get you on the right track.


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Since social media is so much more than a tweet or a post, your nephew can help; but make sure there's a grown up in the room.

Joyce Keisman
Social Media Specialist
White Space Marketing Group

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