Golden Egg

The only marketing that makes sense is marketing that makes money.


White Space makes sense of marketing


If you’re asking the question,

“Is my marketing worth it?”

you need a plan that measures what moves your business. 
Marketing shouldn’t involve guesswork.

We’ll show you where business is coming from, what’s working and what’s not, and where the ROI is hiding in your marketing program.

Your customers are out there, we help them find you. More closed business is all the proof you’ll need.


We specialize in marketing solutions that drive revenue.

Your marketing solutions should be
measurable, trackable, eventually predictable.

Here’s how we align marketing programs with
business objectives:


Ask the right questions. Start with a sharpened needs assessment so you know where to go next.

Step 2

Focus. Create a marketing plan that is tied to your very specific business goals.

Step 3

Get practical. Build a turnkey system that will put the plan into practice.

Step 4

Set goals and benchmarks. Assess, revise, improve. Repeat.


Why clients work with WSMG

More Expertise for Lower Cost

The White Space team consists of industry experts who have worked across multiple verticals in all areas of marketing. It’s hard to afford that level of expertise with full-time employees.

No blueprints - a custom plan crafted for you

If you want leads, we’ll help you build your database. If you want a new brand identity to support your existing sales structure, we will recraft your brand ID. First we determine what you need, then we build the plan you want.

Metrics drive success

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.” John Wanamaker

Many business owners see marketing as a black hole. Don’t. A dashboard tracks metrics, shows results ... and where to invest.


Our clients' voices

  • Healthcare Marketing

    “ Our engagement with WSMG began with an analysis of our brand identity and standing in our marketplace. WSMG helped DMD identify its distinguishing leverage versus the competition through its branding, voice, content, and thought leadership.  Out of this analysis, WSMG developed for DMD a complete array of digital marketing tools and tactics within the context of a long term strategy.  These included a new website, content marketing, social media strategy, and inbound marketing program founded on original content.  WSMG integrated all of these elements together within a marketing services platform which builds insight, sales momentum and reputation in a highly competitive sector.”

    Roger Korman, Ph.D.
    Chairman & CEO
    DMD Digital Health Connections Group

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  • There is only one person that can get your web page looking stunning, and expand your exposure in the market. I am serious on this point. Ilene Rosenthal of White Space Marketing Group knows how complex our product is to sell. She has me on twitter, fb, G+ 3, 4 times a day. She has helped us win Best of Houzz 2015 and used it to further our marketing efforts. When they see us on Houzz, they go to our website, she makes sure of that. When you send her an email with a question, you get a response within minutes. Brains, service and a great attitude.

    Jim Hewitt
    Conservatory Craftsmen, Inc.

  • Small Business Marketing

    As a veteran blogger and citizen of social media, I thought I knew a lot before working with Ilene and Bari. I was so wrong. Their insight into how the various pieces of digital marketing actually work, and how they work together, was on a whole other level. This deep, nuanced expertise was matched by a no-nonsense, efficient approach to planning and executing an effective digital marketing campaign that is customized to my audience and my business goals. They really get it and have invaluable information to share.

    Kay Gardiner
    Owner and Author
    Mason-Dixon Knitting


  • Event Marketing

    White Space has completely shifted my thinking about my business approach (for the better!), including the way I use my social media as well as my overall business plan. They helped me focus my thinking to be more stratgic overall, as well as more specific in my outreach.

    They were also incredibly patient and thoughtful, which I appreciated, since much of the information was new to me and it's easy to become overwhelmed as to where to begin. What I appreciated most of all was that their approach is completely user-friendly and gave me targeted solutions I can actually implement immediately, while using them as I plan long term.

    All I can say is: thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Evan Levy
    Owner and founder
    Events: Tailored-made and Customized (e.t.c.)

  • Ilene has a special combination of sensitivity, enthusiasm, know how, and professionalism that makes her services an asset to any business. She has the rare quality of being a great listener, which enables her to custom-design the exact resources and plans needed to achieve specific goals. Plenty of people have access to information; Ilene’s gifts go beyond that to sifting through that information to find what is most useful for her customer, focusing on the customer’s priorities, and determining what tools would best be utilized and how to use them to reach the right people in the right way. For her part, Bari is an organizational wizard: sharp, dependable, and forward thinking. What a great team!

    Christina Wright
    Private Education Consultant
    The Wright Tutor

  • "White Space was an invaluable resource to the International Nanny Association, helping the Board of Directors brainstorm initiatives for our business members. The INA engaged Ilene again for a follow up project developing resources (guides, white papers) for our business members. Ilene and her team were creative, focused, and delivered the project on time. Most importantly, these resources have been well received by our members."

    Kathleen Webb
    HomeWork Solutions, Inc.